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Instructor Insurance Explained

Our new guide walks you through the main features of driving instructor insurance and explains how you can keep your premium down with driving instructor insurance discounts. Get the advice to help protect your business.

What is the difference to standard car insurance?

A standard private motor car insurance policy will cover you for social, domestic and personal use. Some policies also include cover for you to commute to and from a permanent place of work. So, if you drive the car to the same office every day, you will still be insured.

However as a driving instructor you’ll require business use for the driving test and tuition purposes. It is often more expensive than a standard private motor insurance, but it is extremely important to get the right cover to meet the demands and needs of your business as a driving instructor.

Why is it more expensive?

Driving instructor car insurance is typically more expensive than standard private motor insurance cover because a driving instructor requires a number of additional covers not included as a standard part of a private motor insurance policy these can include cover for:-

Any driver

A replacement dual control car

Negligent tuition cover

Driving off road

Comprehensive driving other cars for demonstration drives

Cover for hire & reward

Cover for the examiner to drive your car

Cover for modified vehicle (dual controls, sign written, disabled equipment, dual speedo)

Features explained

Any Driver Cover

It is essential for your policy to be issued on an any driver basis as this allows you to teach any licensed driver on the road, irrespective of previous driving experience or other risk factors. This also allows the examiner to drive, if required, as you will not be able to provide pupil details to your insurer prior to them taking their test.

Replacement Dual Control Vehicle

Most standard transport insurance products will only offer you a non-dual controlled car in the event of a non-fault incident meaning you’re unable to continue working. At Towergate, the policies we provide will supply you with a guaranteed dual control replacement car within 24 hours to enable you continue teaching and sit any pre-booked driving tests.

Negligent Tuition Cover

This liability cover protects you and your business against a claim brought against you due to an injury suffered by your pupil through some negligence on your behalf. We also extend this cover to protect any other instructor to whom you have provided a vehicle which is insured under your policy.

Driving Off Road Driver Aged 14+

Some driving instructor insurance policies provide extended cover to allow you to teach off road, pupils who are aged 14 or over. This cover is only provided where it can be evidenced that the land you’re using the vehicle on does not form part of the Road Traffic Act 1988, meaning it is not a restricted byway.

Comprehensive Driving Other Cars

If you carry out fleet driver development training you may be required to carry out a demonstration drive in your client’s vehicle. This type of cover is not normally available under a standard private car policy and may not be available under certain driving instructor insurance policies. If you do need to drive other cars it’s important that you ask for comprehensive driving other cars cover which this will meet your liabilities should you be involved in an incident in your clients vehicle. Cover only applies whilst carrying out the demonstration drive.

Cover for Hire & Reward

As a driving instructor you will be collecting money for giving lessons whilst carrying your client in the vehicle this requires hire and reward to be included within your policy for the purpose of driving tuition and test. Standard private motor policies will not include this type of cover.

Modified Vehicle Cover

As a driving instructor you will have a number of additional features added to your vehicle these can include:- Dual Controls, Additional speedo, Additional mirrors, Sign writing, Disabled driving equipment. Most standard car insurance policies will class these as modifications and will therefore not be able to provide cover. It is important to mention these to your insurance provider so that they then can note these on your policy and provide cover suitable for your needs.

Driving Instructor Insurance discounts

Motorists usually pay more for driving instructor car insurance so it is important to try to keep costs down. One way to save money is to compare quotes from a number of different insurers - and it's easy with Towergate, We provide access to a panel of driving instructor car insurance companies and Lloyds Syndicates.

You can help to keep your driving instructors car insurance premiums down by choosing a low group car, adding additional security or keeping your vehicle garaged over-night.

Insurance companies reward careful claim free drivers with lower premiums, so try not to claim unless the damage is serious. You can then build up a no claims discount and potentially cut the cost of cover by as much as 65% No driving instructor wants to pay over the odds for business car insurance but it is also important to remember that the cheapest policy is not always the best. You might, for example, want to pay a little bit extra for more extensive cover. This could save you money in the long run, for example it could provide you with a replacement vehicle for a longer period keeping your business on the road.

About Towergate

Towergate is a specialist provider of driving instructor insurance, we use a panel of insurance companies to find you our best rate and cover. It is imperative to remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the best for your needs and you may be missing out on valuable cover.